High Performance Nutrition and Supplementation

Nutrition plays a key role in enhancing the performance and well-being of all athletes. Nutrients consumed by athletes can provide energy for muscle contraction, reduce fatigue and also supply the building blocks for adaptation to exercise training. More recent advances in our knowledge of sports nutrition have uncovered other roles such as the modulation of cell signalling processes that trigger adaptation to exercise as well as influencing repair and regeneration of tissue during injury rehabilitation. The aim of this module is to provide a general overview of how nutrition can improve athlete performance, recovery and adaptation while also covering specific aspects of nutrition that are most relevant for sports physiotherapy practice.

You will complete the module in two parts. The first part involves online videos, reading, knowledge checks and study questions. The second part is a 2hr Zoom class from 8.00-10.00am on Tuesday 13th October where we will briefly review the online content, discuss the answers to the study questions and as well as explore how nutrition can be incorporated into sports physiotherapy practice. The module is split into the following topics: